Emma Yepa, Melon Vase #7, Jemez Pueblo


Traditionally coiled and fired and hand polished. Composed of clay from the earth gathered at Jemez Pueblo.  5 1/2″ high x 4″ wide.

Note:  For dry Floral arrangements only
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Emma belongs to the Jemez Coyote Clan known as Walatowa, “the place.”  She has lived all of her life in the Jemez Pueblo and sher is a third generation potter.   Emma’s lineage includes Mother Ida Yepa,  Grandmother Reyes Toya, and cousins and uncles.  Ida started teaching her at age 11 and Emma has been making melon pots and incised pottery ever since. Both mother and daughter have been published in the Indian Artist Collector’s Guide, Indian Market magazine and in the publication SOUTHERN PUEBLO POTTERY.  Yepa’s Melon pottery is also in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC.

As an accomplished Potter Emma has won many awards and ribbons which include:   Walatowa Arts and Crafts Show;  2002  Blue Ribbon at Santa Fe Indian Market;  First and Second place ribbons in the Jemez Red Rocks Arts & Crafts Show,  In the past she has also participated in the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Arts & Crafts Show and the Southwest Museum Show in Los Angeles California


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